Our Story

Started earlier by a friend in 2006, Mrs. Jayashree Chinne Narayanan, wife of Mimicry Superstar Kalaimamani Chinni Jayanth, took over the center in 2009.

Vision: Mrs. Jayashree’s vision is to create a world class center offering various courses to nurture talent in young children and hence Kalaa Manjari was born. The center aims to provide an environment that will tap the creative skills of a child and assist in overall development of the child. Kalaa Manjari is a center that is focusing on classes Beyond Academics.

The center had its inauguration on September 28th, 2009 (Vijayadashami Day) in the presence of innumerable friends, celebrities and well-wishers.

Our aim is to provide a comprehensive, skill-based activity center for children. Artistic skills,Problem Solving Skills,Self Development skills,Communication skills and Musical Skills are some of the skills we focus on.


“TO BE SUCCESSFUL IN AN INCREASINGLY COMPLEX WORLD WILL REQUIRE CREATIVITY” – This is according to an IBM survey. And we at Kalaa Manjari are trying to make our young minds develop into successful citizens of the future by enhancing their creativity.